Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thai Sexy Massages

One of the first things which is obvious to all foreigners is the number of massage parlors in bangkok. Thailand is very famous for its massages. Do not get me wrong, the Thai Traditional massage is probably one of the most enlightening experiences one can have. However, today the talk is on the Thai Sexy or Soapy Massages. Unlike the massage parlors that we have in North America, Thai massage offers a lot more than a rub on the back. It is a rub, pull, more rub, lick, suck, bite (get the picture!)

For any tourist who goes to Thailand, one should never leave the country without getting the ultimate body massage. There are ample places in Bangkok which offer sexy massages and the experience is unforgettable. Thai massages are entertaining, sexy, erotic and designed to stimulate every sense in your body. Some of the most gorgeous girls that you have ever seen work at these massage parlors.

The girls are very charming and know how to interact with the customer. They do know why you have come and their job is to please you. So if you are going to enjoy a Thai sexy massage, my advice is do not go to a crappy dingy corner place. Go get yourself a top class massage. And the most important thing- they are not expensive at all.

Most of the sexy massage parlors always have girls in traditional or skimpy clothes sitting inside. The majority of these massage parlors are brightly lit up at night. You can smell the sexual aroma in the air- at these massage parlors you do not come to get your sinuses cured but to relieve the entire burden in your pants.

Many of these massage parlors have girls, who wear with numbers so you can identify them. Some establishments also have catalogs of girls for you to see. As you enter the place take your time to look at the girls, and pick the one you like. My advice is pick two girls- you will know what paradise is. If you do not know who to select, ask the manager- they usually pick the youngest and most seductive. Some girls will even make contact with you- you will be able to tell because when it comes to sex, it is the eyes and body language that talk.

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